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In February 2012, The Adjutant General (TAG) of the California National Guard, Major General David S. Baldwin, worked with his staff and the Speaker of the Assembly, John A. Perez, to tackle the California National Guard unemployment rate. The goal was to reduce it by 25% in a year, which was accomplished and exceeded. Since then, we've had the pleasure and honor of serving California's veteran community through employment assistance and training. With the initial intent to help California National Guard service members, we've grown, expanded and created over 900 business partnerships throughout California.

We succeed when you succeed

“Jessica, your assistance with my resume has opened up amazing new career opportunities. Thank you for going the extra mile . You’re a “Super Star.” Your ” skill sets” go above and beyond one’s imagination. Simple translation…Your skills with a resume 1) Gets candidate employed and 2) Keep families from going hungry.”

Kathleen D, 04/12/2021

“I just wanted to take the time to send this email regarding the amazing job Damon Oliver did in the making this job process as smooth as possible. Mr. Oliver took the time and was available at any time for any questions or concerns regarding the job. He could not have came at a more perfect time with this open position. Mr. Oliver has been amazing throughout this process. With having a issue with my Sierra 7 account and him taking the time to help resolve the problem in an incredible response time shows the importance he put to resolved my issues. I would just like to Thank him again for his time and devotion in my application process. Amazing work person!”

Tania P, 03/23/2021

“I am very thankful for the help from Stephanie Vestnys and the Work for Warriors program. She was the most awesome and trustworthy recruiter I have had the pleasure to work with. We still keep in touch with one another, so I got a job and a friend out of my experience. I will be sharing this program with others whom may need the helping hand. Keep doing great things!”

Verita S, 3/30/2021

“I would love to take this time to let you know how much I appreciate the Recruiter Damon Oliver. He’s made my hiring process the best experience I’ve ever had from any job. He was with me every step of the way. Any concerns or questions I had he was always available to help me no matter the time of day. I just want to thank him for his flexibility and commitment to his job, because of him I am able to have this opportunity to work with Sierra 7.”

Karla P, 03/23/2021

“I would like to express my most sincere gratitude for all the help and support received by Damon Oliver during the process with Sierra 7, and the opportunity to be part of such a wonderful team. Mr. Oliver and his team facilitated the employment process to be a pleasurable and smooth experience for me. Mr. Damon showed caring and helpfulness during the process and took time to answer and assist with all of my concerns, he definitely invested himself in what he does, and does it the best way possible.”

Belen C, 03/23/2021

“I recently moved to Visalia from Los Angeles…I reached out to you guys and had Greg Fillebrown reach out to me in less than 48 hours with different options for me close to my home of record. I have started working at Bedrosians Tile company in Visalia thanks to Greg. He was fast and attentive to my needs and helped me get employed
in a week. I appreciate all that you guys do.”

Eduardo C, 04/5/2021



A team of 17 Service Members and Veterans operate Work for Warriors. They match the skill sets of our highly qualified Service Members, Veterans, and Spouses with the needs of civilian employers. Businesses who want to hire experienced Service Members will only have to contact our Veteran Staffing Consultants, who serve as the single point of contact for their employment needs.

Candidate Process

1.      Contact Work for Warriors (WFW)
2.      WFW will match candidates with the skills and requirements of the desired, open position/s
3.      WFW will critique and develop candidates’ resumes
4.      WFW will assist with interview preparation
5.      WFW will continue to assist and conduct follow up throughout the process