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In February 2012, The Adjutant General (TAG) of the California National Guard, Major General David S. Baldwin, worked with his staff and the Speaker of the Assembly, John A. Perez, to tackle the California National Guard unemployment rate. The goal was to reduce it by 25% in a year, which was accomplished and exceeded. To date, Work For Warriors has assisted with the placement of  over 6,000 Service Members, Veterans and Spouses into gainful employment. Additionally, Work For Warriors has over 500 business partners throughout the state.

We succeed when you succeed

“It is hard to believe that it was just a few mere months that we spoke of my serve dis-satisfaction with the private sector. How my former employer did not truly value my military experiences, education and leadership abilities. We both knew it was time for a change, but I never imagined that conversation would lead to this! I’m proud to say that I am finally a State employee working for my dream department. The Governor’s Office of Emergency Services (CalOES), as an Associate Governmental Program Analyst. I have a Manager who truly values my input and past professional experiences and for the first time, I feel I’m working with someone, and not for someone’s agenda. The culture is conducive to growth with potential opportunities for advancement. This would have not been possible if it weren’t for your networking, interview prep, and resume articulation to this specific job duties. Thank you SFC Riley and your Work for Warriors Team for helping me land this job. I am eternally grateful!”

Prezell Harris

“I was interviewed Monday and offered the job the following day. Started processing my paper works as of today for the job. Thank you once again, you guys keep up the good work at the Work for Warriors all that you do for our fellow Veterans.”

Vic Dumaslan

“I wanted to reach out and say thank you. In three months at Inter-Con I’ve turned my $18/hour opportunity that you bestowed upon me, into a near six figure salaried position in the Bay, with my own office, full benefits, and a company car. I am truly grateful for all the hard work you and your organization does to support the veteran community. My life is better because of you. Thank you.”

Jack Kessler

“You guys helped me land a job at Amtrak! I’m so thankful for what you do.  I could never put it into words how much I appreciate it. I have a real career for the first time in my life because of your organization. I am currently working as a material controller, and after one year can lateral throughout the company. Everyone I have met is incredible, almost all prior military, and they already feel like family in week two.

Thank you a million times over and keep up the great work.”

Shane Esser

“Thank you Work for Warriors for connecting me with Northrop Grumman. I am glad to inform you that I had an interview with them two weeks ago, and also scheduled for another interview this week. I am hoping to get a job offer from them soon, and will gladly let you guys know soon as that happens.

Once again thank you for giving me, and other veterans the opportunity to connect with employers around the country.”


Bismark Simpi

“Work For Warriors was an awesome resource that helped me get my new job. I had a good experience working with their recruiter Jiro who always followed up with me throughout the process.”

Brian Oh



A team of 18 Service Members and Veterans operate Work for Warriors. They match the skill sets of our highly qualified Service Members, Veterans, and Spouses with the needs of civilian employers. Businesses who want to hire experienced Service Members will only have to contact our Resource Managers, who serve as the single point of contact for their employment needs.


Candidate Process

1.      Contact Work for Warriors (WfW)
2.      WfW will match candidates with the skills and requirements of the desired, open position/s
3.      WfW will critique and develop candidates’ resumes
4.      WfW will assist with interview preparation
5.      WFW will continue to assist and conduct follow up throughout the process