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In February 2012, The Adjutant General (TAG) of the California National Guard, Major General David S. Baldwin, worked with his staff and the Speaker of the Assembly, John A. Perez, to tackle the California National Guard unemployment rate. The goal was to reduce it by 25% in a year, which was accomplished and exceeded. Since then, we've had the pleasure and honor of serving California's veteran community through employment assistance and training. With the initial intent to help California National Guard service members, we've grown, expanded and created over 900 business partnerships throughout California.

We succeed when you succeed

“I moved to the Covina area from Northern California right before covid started and the government started the work restrictions. I was unemployed and looking for a job but was unsuccessful. I contacted the work for warriors to see if they had any resources. ANTHONY ALTEMOOS helped me get in touch with Berg Electric through his contacts. Less than a week later I was HIRED and now working. I am hugely grateful for the program’s existence as well as the help that I was provided, above and beyond the scope of his duties. Thank you for all the help and your efforts on my behalf.”

Dominic Wragg, 11/23/20

“Arne was amazing through the whole hiring process. He kept me on track and and asked for appropriate updates. I’m set to graduate the academy on the 21st of January…to finish my training for a correctional officer position.”

Phylester Jones, 1/8/21

“From the very beginning Arne was incredibly helpful throughout the entire application and hiring processes. He always replied back in a timely manner and gave guidance when I was unsure where I stood after my interviews.

I emailed Arne and inquired whether or not he believed I would qualify for the position knowing how far I am. He assured me it shouldn’t be an issue and that gave me the courage to apply for the position. After only a few days of applying, I was given my initial interview and Arne was quick to follow up.

Arne’s dedication to my employment showed he cared about me as a person. He truly embodies the sense of family one feels within the military. Even after I was hired, he continued to ask how I was doing during the transitional process. It made me feel as if I was a person and not just another bullet point to add to his performance review.

I definitely recommend WFW to all of my veteran friends searching for employment. Being able to start a new position, at one of the largest companies in the country within 2 weeks is not something one would expect in the civilian world. I’m thankful services such as WFW exists to help veterans change their lives. Arne gave me the confidence that this company will do anything in their power to help veterans land jobs.”

Sergio Villarreal, 1/15/21

“Anthony Altemoos is an awesome recruiter. He always replies in a timely manner, answered all my questions & has done his best to get my resume to the right people. I’m thankful to Anthony Altemoos & Work for Warriors for my employment with Triple Canopy. Continue the awesome work 👍”

Arthur Rincon, 11/4/20



A team of 17 Service Members and Veterans operate Work for Warriors. They match the skill sets of our highly qualified Service Members, Veterans, and Spouses with the needs of civilian employers. Businesses who want to hire experienced Service Members will only have to contact our Veteran Staffing Consultants, who serve as the single point of contact for their employment needs.

Candidate Process

1.      Contact Work for Warriors (WFW)
2.      WFW will match candidates with the skills and requirements of the desired, open position/s
3.      WFW will critique and develop candidates’ resumes
4.      WFW will assist with interview preparation
5.      WFW will continue to assist and conduct follow up throughout the process