Interview Tips

USA Jobs Application

Candidate Question: "How do I make mine a perfect application? What do I do and not do, for the USA Job's robot to accept my application?"

WFW Staffing Consultant Responses:

  • READ the entire job announcement and instructions carefully.
  • Ensure you have a federal resume and adjust your resume to show qualifications matching the responsibilities for the job and minimum requirements are listed. A good way to approach this is by cross referencing your federal resume to the full job announcement, ensuring you tackle each section to greater your chances of passing through the first computer screening. USA Jobs uses an initial screening system to match at least 75% of the work duties/ requirements to your resume.
  • It is recommended to utilize the resume template USA Jobs provides to ensure all the required segments are listed as this is an easy way to get disqualified.
  • Pay close attention to the required documents and complete the veteran’s preference forms accurately. Make sure to turn in a complete application and always consider submitting a cover letter that specifies your skills and achievements pertaining to the job you are applying for.
  • Lastly, always consult with a Work For Warriors VSC to review your application and resume.