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Veterans develop time management skills, capabilities to prioritize and a sense of urgency.

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Veterans have a wide range of advanced and specialized military training.







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“The GAF Roofing Academy was fantastic! I really feel like I have the basic knowledge to get a 1st job. They put us into teams of 2, and we tore down and built a side of roofing. They also introduced us to techniques on roofing valleys as well as encountering walls, chimneys & other objects. I would highly recommend it!”

Hollie O, 09/13/2021

“My experience with Work for Warriors has always been a pleasant one. During times where I am desperate in need of a job , this program helped me achieved that goal . I would recommend this program to any veteran, they help with job positions, and help in every step.”

Navdeep R, 05/18/21

“My experience with Work for Warriors has been fantastic. The support and assistance that your group has given me in finding gainful employment has been very positive. I especially appreciate the fact that your people not only email out job opportunities but also connect directly with hiring managers to put in a good word for veterans who have applied for specific jobs. I think that proactiveness is the key to your organization’s effectiveness. Thank you to you and your organization. I can’t recommend you guys highly enough, and I will let other veterans know of your services. Thank you again.”

Randy E, 05/18/21

“I want to say that Work For Warriors helped me a lot with my resume restructuring and interview skills. Amanda Sansevere was very, very helpful in this process of cleaning up my resume and helping me understand what companies are looking for in the hiring process. I feel like she went above and beyond to help me get hired, and I greatly appreciate it.

I would definitely recommend Work For Warriors… Work For Warriors basically went through the crawl, walk, run phase. From building the resume to where it makes sense, prepping for the interview, and then jumping right into the interview with all the tool to be successful.”

Marcus F, 09/13/21

“I want to say thank you for the work you do with veterans. I learned about your organization late last year and followed via Linkedin. I saw the alliance you have with Tesla and was really excited about the opportunity. You hosted a Zoom call that started the whole process; the Tesla Recruiter on the call, Arne was on as well, and a current Tech at Tesla was also invited to speak. This combination was a great introduction to Tesla and Work for Warriors.

I immediately reached out and worked with Arne regarding my resume and stayed in communication throughout the process. I thought Arne did a good job of letting me know where things were in the process and status. I honestly cannot think of a way to improve the process substantially. It was very good and I think any veteran would and should be grateful to work with you.

Thank you again for all you do and the help you provided me. I am an employee at my dream company, Tesla, and I owe a huge debt of gratitude to Work for Warriors for helping open that door for me!”

George T, 05/31/21

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