The Process

1.      Contact Work for Warriors (WFW) with hiring needs
2.      WFW will match candidates with the skills and requirements of the position
3.      WFW will send  multiple pre-screened resumes to employer
4.      Employer sets up the interview
5.      WFW will continue to assist and follow up throughout the process
6.      WFW will follow up with the employer to ensure that candidates are a great fit

 Why Hire a Service Member and/or Veteran

·        Entrepreneurial
·        Embraces an Environment of Collaboration
·        Advanced Technical Training
·        Highly Resilient
·        Strong Organizational Commitment
·        Cross-Cultural Experiences
·        Experience in Diverse Work-Settings
·        Mission Focused and Results Driven
·        Proven Leadership and Managerial Skills
·        Efficient with Time